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Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Primary insurance policies such as home and auto insurance have a limit on liability. Therefore, you should ask yourself whether you have enough insurance coverage to cover your costs against disasters and negligence. If it is determined that an accident that occurred in Colorado is your fault, in today’s litigious world, you might end up facing costly lawsuits. A Zoila's Insurance's umbrella insurance provides you with an extra layer of protection over and above underlying insurance policies.

Why you need umbrella insurance?

It is not possible to predict the amount of money a judge can award the injured person in a lawsuit. Umbrella insurance from A Zoila's Insurance in Colorado is not a preserve for the wealthy but is suitable for every policyholder. Moreover, both individuals and businesses need to purchase umbrella insurance. In case the liability portion of your primary insurance policy doesn’t pay for damages to other people’s property, injuries, or defense representation when the case lands you in court, the umbrella insurance will come in handy.

For instance, the judge may decide that you are responsible for $500,000 in damages of a car accident lawsuit that comes with $25,000 in attorney fees. If your car insurance liability is $500,000, you would have a balance of $25,000 in attorney fees to pay. Therefore, instead of selling your valuable items such as jewelry or using cash out of your bank accounts, you can rely on your umbrella insurance to cover the balance. Without sufficient coverage and umbrella insurance, your personal assets could be seized from a lawsuit. In other words, umbrella insurance protects you by giving you added liability without a large added cost.

Do you need to protect yourself fully against disasters such as accidents and liability incidents? Contact us today, and our friendly, knowledgeable agents will guide you in choosing the right umbrella insurance that is suitable for your budget and specific needs. Our goal is to protect you before you need it. Reach out to our offices for a quote.

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